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Welcome to the ARRL Santa Barbara Section Website. The Motto of
Success through Teamwork
has been adopted to guide the Section in future growth. The Section Manager has completed his assessment of current Section operations and is still working on asking Appointees to evaluate the effectiveness of their performance. Formal reporting is a key to good management and a Section reporting process is being developed.

One of the first efforts of the Section Manager was to update our ARES Organization and recognize the many Amateurs who have held this activity together despite the fact they were never rewarded with appropriate recognition. The first quarter of 2016 saw over 50 Section Members receive official ARRL Appointments. The Official Section Appointment Roster is now posted so all Amateurs know who is leading this ARRL Section.

A key early goal was to improve communications between the Amateurs in the Section. Better communications will allow for members to work together and move the Amateur Radio Service forward. The primary purpose of this site is to support the communications goal. There is also an eMail Announcements List and Amateurs in the Section are encouraged to subscribe. Whether you are a contester or public service Ham, whether you are a rag-chewer or a technical experimenter, the intention is to provide you with the information you need to have FUN and enjoy your license. We want to facilitate everyone enjoying the Amateur Radio Service to the maximum.

All of the Net Managers (including Bulletin Editors and Webmasters) are now tied together with a tool that allows them to effectively and rapidly communicate Section News. The challenge is for all of them to learn how to use it.

Internal communications between Amateur Radio Operators is just part of the communications goal. Equally important is good communications with the public and organization officials. We are actively looking for public relations oriented Amateurs who will help develop materials that tell the public who we are and what we accomplish. A portion of this Website will be devoted in the future to public facing information.

The Section's Technical Assistance and Official Observer core had become old and neglected. Slowly but surely both of these areas are being re-energised as reflected on the Section Appointment Roster. Members of those groups are now beginning to be involved in important activities. New technology development is being fostered and mentoring of interested Amateurs is being supported. Intentional and un-intentional interference issues are being addressed and teamwork is a central ingredient.

There is a lot of work to do to get where we need to be, but if you keep our Motto in mind, we will get there faster. The Section Manager is sharing these goals and information about achievements as he provides a Section Status Report to Clubs in the Section. If you are ready to volunteer or have an idea you want to share, the ARRL Santa Barbara Section - Section Manager Jim Fortney can be contacted at:

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