Santa Barbara Section eMail Announcements List
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When you sign up as a member of the ARRL Santa Barbara Section eMail Announcements List you will receive all of the inside scoop on ham radio activities within the Section as well as special reports from the Section Manager, the Division Director, and others with items of interest to active amateurs just like you.

Although we encourage all Amateurs to be ARRL Members and support the National Association for Amateur Radio, this list is open to all Amateurs in the Section and ARRL membership is not required to subscribe. We want you to be part of the Team.

The system works both ways! If you have something you believe others will find interesting, you may submit it for distribution. Messages from Amateurs who are not Section Appointees, or who have not been approved to make regular distributions, will be moderated to insure that we don't get flooded with spam or inappropriate material. You will be sent instruction on how to send to the Announcements List when you sign-up.

As messages are distributed to a wide audience, please consider the following:

  1. Only send messages to the ARRLSB Announcemants List that are applicable to the Section. Do not regularly send data that is routinely available from another source.
  2. Keep messages as concise as possible.
  3. Try to use a descriptive Subject heading.
  4. If you are sending a Reply, it will normally go directly to the originator. If you consider the reply to be of interest to most List members, then be sure to correct the TO address.
  5. When replying to the List, please remove any un-needed prior text and message tags.
  6. Do not try to post test messages. If you think the Reflector isn't working, send a message to the Webmaster.
  7. Do not post personal attacks.
  8. Do not post items with which you have a business interest. Personal For Sale ads are acceptable but take negoations off of the List.

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